Who we are

Christina Foxwell

CEO & Founder

Christina started this practice with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and helping organisations unlock success! Through her work, she has not only made a difference, but she has also unlocked her own growth and transformation. She has authored books, speaks in media about people and performance challenges, works with executive teams to shift culture transformation and has started equipping aligned team members around the globe to be change agents for Better Together! She is kind, fierce, peaceful, focused, and mostly HUMAN. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend and is learning more daily about harnessing connecting in her world. 

Chrissy Cordingley

Managing Director Canada

Chrissy is the founder of Ignite Purpose Canada. Her professional career began in health and safety, where she helped many organizations shift from bare minimum thinking to creating recognition-worthy, award-winning people programs. Over the last decade, she has transitioned to the role of professional leadership coaching with a focus on people-centred transformation. She believes we must focus on our own growth before we can influence others effectively and leads by example through sharing her most vulnerable experiences with honest, engaging, and amusing storytelling. Chrissy is also a successful podcast and streaming television show host.

Ayesha Shah

Director of Leadership Growth and Cultural Transformation

Ayesha is a People & Culture Executive, Speaker and Author with deep expertise in creating ecosystems that fuel creativity and nurture the development of empowered leaders who find novel solutions to persistent problems. A board member and respected mentor, she regularly volunteers as an advisor, coach and panelist in various settings. As a thought leader, Ayesha speaks and writes about various topics in work-life and leadership. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Mindset Prism.

Ayesha believes that work is intrinsically connected with human development and progress on an individual & collective level. The future of work is human – bright, connected, conscious and fearless in ways unimaginable; facing unprecedented challenges. Leaders today must anticipate this and be ready to co-create new systems, ways of doing and being that move us forward together.

Jennifer Jeffers

Director of Leadership Growth and Cultural Transformation

Jennifer brings a unique and heartfelt approach to transformational executive coaching, leadership development, performance growth and to life.  Her career, rich with diverse professional experiences, serves as the foundation for her deeply empathetic and nurturing coaching style. Jennifer believes in the transformative power of leadership that is rooted in understanding, compassion, and genuine connection. Her vision is to create a space where leaders can explore their potential and navigate the complexities of organizational growth with grace and authenticity.

Her dedication to making a meaningful impact extends beyond her coaching practice. Jennifer is a fervent advocate for causes close to her heart, including animal advocacy, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, and Autism Ontario. This commitment reflects her belief in the importance of compassion and kindness, not only within the corporate realm but also in broader societal contexts. Through her advocacy, Jennifer exemplifies the values she instills in her clients, demonstrating that true leadership involves a balance of strength and sensitivity.

Jennifer’s coaching methodology is characterized by its kindness and strength, offering a powerful yet gentle guide for those looking to enhance their leadership skills. She empowers her clients to embrace challenges with a heart-centric approach, ensuring they feel supported in their journey towards achieving lasting success. In every aspect of her work, Jennifer embodies the principle that the most impactful leadership comes from a place of kindness and a deep commitment to the wellbeing of others. Through her guidance, leaders are inspired to foster environments that celebrate empathy, encourage growth and cultivate positive change.

Sohan Sharma

Business Growth Associate
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